Adeptus Titanicus: Titan Battlegroup

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Adeptus Titanicus: Titan Battlegroup

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In conventional battles, the presence of a lone Titan – even a Scout class such as a Warhound – can be sufficient to guarantee victory. However, when Titans go to war en masse, they are formed into groups, each operating under the command of their most senior Princeps for the duration of a campaign.

Assemble a powerful battlegroup of Titans and dominate your opponents in games of Adeptus Titanicus with this set of 4 Titans – a Warlord Battle Titan with Volcano Cannon, a Reaver Battle Titan and 2 Warhound Scout Titans. These can be fielded as an Axiom Battle Maniple, leveraging the Might of the Omnissiah to push through the din of war and issue commands despite adverse conditions. Included in the box:

– A Warlord Battle Titan with Volcano Cannon: standing approximately 6” tall, this representation of a colossal god-engine is unbelievably detailed and posable. It is made up of 144 components – while it is possible (and easiest) to assemble this miniature in exactly the pose depicted on the cover of the comprehensive assembly guide found in the box, the advanced hobbyist will find that the hip, knee and ankle joints can be modelled in virtually any position imaginable. As a result, no 2 Titans ever need be built in the same pose, and the details – pistons, hydraulics, exposed machinery and power systems, ventilation – can be truly admired.

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